Conversation Psychology


  1. Why is it difficult for people to say I'm sorry?

  2. If there was a rule for your life, what would be the first rule?

  3. What would make someone to have a heart made of stone?

  4. If you could wake up with an improved body, what would you like
      to see improved?

  5. If a phone rang in a phone booth while you were passing by,
      would you answer it?

  6. Would you give someone a "silent treatment" when angry?

  7. Do you think tongue is the most destructive human thing?

  8. Do people usually prefer to be right, or to be at peace?

  9. Are you afraid to swim in the ocean?

10. What do you think about "making a scene" around a lot of

11. Do you think only thing to fear is fear itself?

12. Is hate learned, or are people born knowing hate?


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