Conversation National debt


  1. Do you know how much your country's national debt is?

  2. How do you pay back the national debt?

  3. How long would it take to pay back the national debt?

  4. When was the last time the national debt wasn't so high?

  5. Are you concerned about the your country's national debt?

  6. Would you give money to the government to pay back the
      national debt, if everyone decides to pay a little bit?

  7. What would happen if your country finally pays back all the debt?

  8. What happens to the economy if a country has a very high
      national debt?

  9. What happens if a country can't pay back the national debt?

10. Do you think tax in your country is high, low, or just about right?

11. Do you think it's our responsibility to leave the future generation
      with less amount of national debt?

12. Why is the debt growing?


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