Conversation Leave a voice mail...


  1. to someone who left you a message, but you don't know who
      they are.

  2. to make a doctor's appointment.

  3. to congratulate your friend's birthday.

  4. to the bank because something is wrong with your account.

  5. to your teacher, because you forgot your homework.

  6. to your parents to come get you, because you lost your

  7. to your friend, to call you back.

  8. to the internet seller, because the DVD you've ordered has not
      arrived yet.

  9. to the bookstore, to see if the special ordered "1984" is in yet.

10. to your friend's friend, to find your friend Jamie.

11. to Mr. Walker, and ask him about the whereabouts of your lost
      dog, Neo.

12. to a prank caller, to tell him not to keep calling.


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