Books A Woman's Poem

A woman is the calm of a hurricane's eye
where a man finds tranquility
as the storm passes by
A woman is the softness inside the shell
when the shell is bombarded
by man's creation of hell
A woman is the pillar of a temple foundation
where a man comes and goes
with renewed inspirations
A woman is the cloud that carries the rain
giving life to man's soul
parched from anxieties and pain
A woman is the bank of the river flows
helping man's direction
by being the woman she knows
A woman is the sound of a Lark's song in the morning
when mist covers life
and man feels forlorn
A woman is the emotions
shared with a man
the climax of giving
by the touch of a hand
A woman is the flesh that holds the seed
the miracle of birth
fulfilling human need
A woman is the mother of a new generation
a man is the direction
of that aspiration


by Unknown Author


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