1. What might be the best title for this paragraph?

Not all cats are stuck up. If you think dogs make better pets and
you have yet to own a cat, then you might want to reconsider.
Cats are independent animals with great sense of pride and
ownership of their own environment. It might not be as easy to
command a cat to sit compare to dogs, but most cats don’t need a
lot of training. Most of the time, they know how to find the litter
box on their own, and they don’t require your constant attention.
It’s as if though they own you instead of the other way around. If
this kind of pet ownership isn’t what you’re used to, it’s probably
because you haven’t owned a cat.

2. What does it mean?

We wait in line in public places whether for getting on the bus or
waiting at the checkout line at the grocery store. It’s an unspoken
understanding that people have in public places. Most people
know not to spit or litter while walking in the streets. It’s an
important rule that binds us together.

3. What is the best theme?

Each day around the world, people from different countries eat
different types of foods throughout the day. Especially the meals
during the early morning hours differ greatly. The people of South
Korea typically eat rice, soup, and side dishes. In the USA, people
eat pancakes or cereal. Coffee with milk and some bread is eaten
in South America. People of Spain like to indulge in rolls with
butter and jam. In Bulgaria, people like to eat Turkish coffee,
sesame bread with butter, and sheep’s milk cheese. In Ireland,
people eat 'fry' meats and white and black puddings.

4. What can be inferred from this passage?

When growing cacti, it is necessary to water them depending on
the season and the weather. During the cold months, it is only
recommended to water once a month. Too much water can make
the cacti weak, especially in winter. During the warmer months,
it is recommended to water once a week. The soil in the pot will
dry up and look like it needs watering, but don’t be hesitant. Cacti
usually live in the desert, and they receive less water than most
plants. So growing your own demands a similar condition.

5. Which word best describes the feeling of this passage?

Spencer Bates noticed that the edges of South America and
Africa, at one point, seemed to have been connected to each
other. When he raised his hand in his elementary school fourth
grade class to ask the geography teacher about it, she told him
not to be absurd. Spencer later ended up not finishing high
school, and the geography teacher later became the head of the
science department at a local university. Years later, the fact
about the connection of two continents was talked about in many
other classrooms.

6. Which is not correct?

Some people love to go to the beach and bask in the sun for a
healthy looking tan. Of course, a plenty of sun block should be
applied to the body, especially on those vulnerable places like the
nose and ears. The sun block should be at least 15 SPF, and
frequent doses are usually a plus. It’s good to take in a lot of
fluids and get an even tan on all parts of the body. However, not
all people love to sun tan. Some people think that it might even
be dangerous. They believe that side effects out weight
the benefits of having a great tan. In any case, use caution when
playing under the sun.

7. What is the emphasis of this paragraph?

A good number of people watch TV every day. Some people like
to watch the same shows, and even their reruns. The actors from
these shows can become very familiar to some TV watchers.
People might even follow the trends, fashions, and life styles of
these actors on TV. Some of these shows can become part of TV
watchers' daily consciousness, and could have a large impact on
how they view themselves and others. So when a real life
situation arises that is similar to one of the TV shows, people
might act accordingly to what happened on TV. This outcome
might even become more frequent if TV watchers get most of
their information from TV.

8. What might be the best proverb for this paragraph?

A couple was in a financial crisis. Their credit cards were maxed
out, and they owed the bank more than they could handle. Their
income combined would still put them in bankruptcy before long.
So after borrowing $5,000 from their parents, they went to Las
Vegas and started to gamble. After a few days, they were up by
more than three times what they had started with. Their goal was
to make $30,000. So in a final desperate move, the couple put all
of their money on the roulette table. They bet on black. If the ball
landed on any black number, they would win twice the amount.
The chance of winning was about 50%. The ball landed on red,
and they lost everything.

9. What type of paragraph is this?

A university graduate student whose friends described as a high-
spirited passionate who loved helping disabled children died
Monday in a car accident near her home, on her way back from a
club meeting. The 28 year old student, whose name authorities
haven’t released, lost control of her car in a wet pavement, cross
the median, and struck into oncoming traffic, according to the
local report. The student died at the scene of the accident due to
trauma to her head and back, said the coroner.

10. Which is not correct?

Americans spent about $16 billion on bottled water last year.
That’s more than what was spent on movie tickets or iPods,
according to a web source. Of the bottled waters, 24% of it were
‘re-purified’ tap water, water clean enough to drink in the first
place. Millions and millions of dollars are spent on advertising
campaigns to give consumers the perception that bottled water
comes from some pristine mountain spring or magical
underground aquifer, assuring purity and quality. However,
oftentimes, bottled water is just little more than tap water in a
bottle…or worse!

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