1. What is the subject?

Sometimes, it’s fun to play in the house. Many children like to
play games on their computers using the internet. They play it
with their friends. Sometimes they play it with their brothers or
sisters. It’s fun to play computer games with others.

2. What does It mean?

It likes you very much. It follows you around. It has a tail and
wiggles when it is happy. It barks, too. It lives in the house with
your family.

3. What is the theme?

There are many things to write about every day. By writing about
what happened that day, you can look back and think about it.
You can write a little bit, or a lot. Sometimes, you can write about
the weather, too.

4. What does something mean?

Jonathan runs every day. He sometimes runs when it’s raining.
He even runs when it’s cold outside. Then one day, during a
school race, he came in first. He was very happy. They gave
him something.

5. How does the writer feel?

I have a cold. I can’t get up in the morning, and I can’t go to
school. I can’t eat anything, and I can’t even stand up.

6. Choose the answer that agrees with the paragraph.

Scientists say oil comes from dead animals and plants. These
animals and plants can be very small. It takes a very long time to
make oil. Also those same animals and plants can make gas.

7. Find the purpose of George.

George was curious. He looked up into the sky to figure out what
made it rain. He warmed chicken eggs to see if they hatched. He
read books to go places. He always asked questions about
everything. One time, he even ate a worm to see if it was safe.

8. Choose the best word for the blank.

Washing your hands everyday is a good habit to have. Before
eating, you should wash your hands thoroughly. When you go
outside and come back home, you should wash your hands. Clean
hands means you will be healthier. Others will like your
__________ hands, too.

9. What is the mood of this paragraph?

Michelle is not a nice girl. She never smiles and always talks a
lot. I've never thought that she was a good friend. She never
says good things about other people. She seems to always lie. If I
tell her a secret, she will tell other people for sure. I don’t see
her much anymore.

10. Choose the answer that does not agree with the paragraph.

Puppies are very cute pets. A puppy plays with you and loves you
very much. But all puppies grow up and become adult dogs. They
later get old. They might not play with you as much as before,
because they are tired. They might live longer than 15 years.

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