Cat got your tongue? Idioms


We have new bills. Let's talk it over.

If you change your mind too often, it can be tiresome to others.
change thinking

Learning how to play the piano is easier said than done.
It's easier to say something than to do something.

Hang in there!
Don't give up!

Keep your chin up, don't be sad.
Cheer up

You shouldn't get to the point where you live from hand to mouth.
difficult to make a living

If you look on the bright side of things, everything will be ok.
think positive

He is out of work because of the economic crises.
has no job

She stabbed her friends in the back too many times and became a loner.

If you get stressed out, do something else.
too much stress

He told me off for breaking his window.
said something very unpleasant

Thank goodness for apples.



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