Cat got your tongue? Idioms (관용구)

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Cat got your tongue?
Forgot what you were going to say? (할 말을 잊었어?)Small Arrow 마우스

Don't butt in.
interfere, interrupt (참견하다, 간섭하다.)

He drives me crazy.
makes me angry (화내게 하다.)

She went into law.
work in (직업으로서 종사하다.)

She is green with envy.
very envious (시샘하다. 부러워하다.)

Gung ho!
enthusiastic, work together (열광적인, 신난, 일을 같이 하다.)

This cheese cake is head and shoulders above that one.
much better (~ 보다 뛰어나게, 월등하게)

He hit the nail on the head on that!
correctly did something (맞추다.)

You're on thin ice.
on the edge (살얼음 위에 있는 기분)

They are shaking in their shoes.
very scared (겁내다.)

Way to go!
good job! (잘했어!)

I'm crazy about her.
really like (~을 아주 좋아하다.)



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