Cat got your tongue? Idioms


She's nuts about her boyfriend.
like very much

Jack and Jill have been head over heels in love since they met.
love very much

This month is crunch time for me.
A period when pressure to succeed is great

Don't treat me like dirt!
to have no respect or consideration for someone

No wonder you're angry.
not surprisingly

I'll say!

Whenever I take a test, I'm a nervous wreck.
very worried

He thought he failed the test, but in reality he had made an A.

My friend talks bad about me all the time. It turns me off.
cause someone to lose interest or sympathy

Give me a ring.
call me

Keep me posted!
keep someone informed or up-to-date

To tell you the truth, I didn't do anything.
tell them an unpleasant fact



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