Different Face Expressions Expressions


Are you done?
너 다 끝났니?

There’s nothing more to say.
더 할말 없어.

There’s nothing to be sorry about.
미안해 할 거 없어.

How do I look today?
나 오늘 어때 보이니?

Let me ask you something.
뭐 좀 물어볼게.

I’m off.
나 간다.

Keep it to yourself.
너만 알고 있어.

I’m a film buff.
나 영화 광이야.

Just a trim, please.
조금 다듬어 주세요.

Thin the hair, please.
머리 숱 쳐주세요.

Can I have a doggy bag?
음식 좀 싸주시겠어요?

I made up with my girlfriend.
여자친구랑 화해했어.



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