Different Face Expressions Expressions


I have something in common with my girlfriend.
나는 여자자친구와 공통점이 있어.

Have a nice night.
좋은 밤이 되세요.

I have a crush on her.
나는 그 여자에게 반했어.

I had my car stolen.
나 자동차 도난 당했어.

You’ve got the wrong number.
전화 잘못거셨어요.

Line is busy.

It was off the hook.
수화기가 잘못 놓여 있었어요.

How much is the fare?
요금이 얼마죠?

Take it easy.

Take your time.
천천히 하세요.

I’ll keep it in mind.
명심 할게요.

Don’t ever do that again.
다시는 하지마.



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