Different Face Expressions Expressions


You just missed him.
당신 방금 그를 놓쳤어요.

What are you doing up here?
여기서 뭐하니?

I got stung by a bee.
나 벌에 쏘였어.

That's all the money that I have.
그것이 내가 가지고 있는 돈의 전부예요.

Go get your things.
가서 너 물건 가져와.

Thank you for your time.
시간 내줘서 고마워요.

It takes a few seconds.
시간이 조금(잠깐) 걸린다.

Break it up!

I'll leave the door open a little bit.
문 조금만 열어둘게.

Why don't you get some sleep?
잠 좀 자지그래요?

I almost forgot.
난 거의 잊었어.

Was it as easy as it looked?
보는 것 만큼 쉬었어요?



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