Different Face Expressions Expressions


Let me ask you something.
뭐 좀 물어볼게.

I can't wait for that.

Is that all?
그게 다야?

If you want something, go get it.
너가 원하면, 해라.

Help me hand these out.
이것들 나눠주게 도와주세요.

Let's take a break.

Thank you for asking.
물어봐줘서 고마워.

I'll get a quick bite.
금방 뭐 좀 먹고올게.

I just got hit by a car.
나 방금 차에 치였어.

You can get hurt.
너 다칠 수도 있어.

Would you get me some coffee?
커피 좀 가져다 줄래요?

I'm going to get that for you.
너를 위해서 그것을 가져다 줄게.



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