Different Face Expressions Expressions


You want me to come over?
내가 거기로 갈까?

I pulled some strings.
힘 좀 빌렸어.

Let's get a cab.
택시 잡자.

I was waiting for the right time.
적당한 때를 기다리고 있었어.

How long have you been waiting here?
너 여기에 얼마나 오랫동안 기다린 거니?

Stop by anytime.
언제든지 들리세요.

Come on in!

Come on out!

I've done my best.
나는 최선을 다했어.

Keep it.
가지고 있어.

Can I get you something to drink?
마실 것 좀 가져다 드릴까요?

I was always on your side.
나는 항상 너 편이었어.



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