Different Face Expressions Expressions


It comes and goes.
왔다 갔다 한다.

So far, So good.
지금 까지는 좋아.

It's been killing me.
그게 지금까지 나를 괴롭혀.

That's what I said.
그게 내가 말한 것이야.

It didn't mean anything.
아무 의미도 없었다.

I don't have time for this.
나 이럴 시간 없어.

Could you put Mary on the phone?
메리 좀 바꿔줄래?

It's a one-way street.

Let's look around.

Thanks for understanding.
이해해줘서 고마워.

Is that what that was?
그게 그거였어?

I'm not ready to face it yet.
아직 맞설준비가 안됐어.



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