What You Should Know Before You Put Up a Floating Shelf

Shelves, one of the most humble additions to your home interior. Though simple looking, they are handy and are a very important part of your home or any living space. Installing a few shelves is a great, fast, and affordable storage solution that can also upgrade the appearance of your interior.

Shelves can be added to your walls or any other vertical surface. They can also be suspended from a ceiling, part of a free-standing frame unit, or part of furnitures like a cabinet, bookcase, and headboards.


What is a floating shelf?

A floating shelf is a type of shelf with its wall fixing hidden within the shelf board, with no visible supporting brackets. This gives the illusion of floating on the wall.

It may seem that installing floating shelves is tricky, but in fact, they are easy to install. Before installing them, you will need to plan where you are hanging the shelf. Install them by attaching the wall bracket with the use of screws provided. The wall bracket usually contains protruding hooks or anchors where the floating shelf slots onto. You can then fit the shelf over the bracket and have it secured in place.


How to style a floating shelf

The good thing about floating shelves is that they can be added in any part of your home, and in any other places where you think they will be of use. Installing some in the bathroom is one of the smart ways to increase the storage area for towels, soaps, candles, and plants. This way, you will be saving some space and avoid cluttering in the room.

Any living space is also filled with in-between spaces that can be fitted with floating shelves. The floating shelves will not only make a great accent to space but will likewise be a perfect area to store some of your stuff.

If you also have your own home office, it may also a good place to add your floating shelves. For instance, with a grouping of floating shelves on the wall above your desk the home office will definitely look stunning and interesting. In addition to that, you will also have extra areas where you can store your books, binders, folders, and other office kinds of stuff.

The nursery, kid’s playroom, and bedroom are also perfect places to add floating shelves. A white floating shelf with typography letters spelling the name of your little one will make their room look chic and stylish. Floating shelves are also perfect where you can style them with books, toys, and artwork. Since their rooms will be the domain of your little ones, be creative and install floating shelves lower to the ground for easy access. Kids can easily get the toys or books they want without asking for your help or assistance.

The kitchen is also a perfect room to add floating shelves. We all know that it is one of the busiest rooms in the house. Kitchen is commonly used for dining and preparing food. Floating shelves in the room can totally help in minimizing or avoiding clutter. You will also have a place to display your kitchen decorative items which will make the room look more appealing.


How to put up a floating shelf

Do you know that you can install floating shelves on your own? You will be surprised to know that this is quite easy.

First, you must have the materials needed:


  • retractable tape measure
  • electronic wire and pipe detector
  • spirit level
  • drill
  • screws or fittings: 50mm screws and plastic Rawlplugs if fixing to concrete or brick, 40mm screws if fixing to wooden joists, or 65mm metal plasterboard anchors if fixing to plasterboard
  • hammer
  • screwdrivers


  1. Proper plan where and how many shelves you would like. You also need to decide on how high you would want them as well as the space between them. For instance, if you are planning to display books, then the space between them should be at least 30cm.
  2. Be sure that the area of the wall where you plan to hang the shelves is free from hidden pipes or cables.
  3. Place the first bracket against the wall with the aid of a spirit level to make sure it’s level. Mark the first-hole positions with a pencil.
  4. Using the mark you placed, drill holes into the wall. The number of holes depends on the number of screws that you will be needing. It is recommended to choose screws or fittings that are appropriate for the material of the wall. After which, screw the bracket into place.
  5. Slide the shelf to the bracket and if you are satisfied with the position, slide it back off the bracket to position the rest of the brackets.
  6. Once all brackets are in place, slide the shelves on and fix into place with the small screws provided with the shelf, using pre-drilled holes on the underside of each shelf.
  7. You can now add the stuff that you want to be displayed on your floating shelves.

Here’s How You Should Select a Floating Shelf For Your Bathroom

Floating shelves are wonderful and economical aesthetics. In our world today, home designing is more on minimalist than over decorated because houses are getting smaller and smaller.

Compared to cabinets, floating shelves are in-demand nowadays because they save so much space and also serve as instant home design. They are the ideal solution to small homes. Though they do not look strong because they do not have visible support, but don’t worry because they are secured by glue and screws.

Floating shelves are commonly seen in living room areas, holding books, frames, clocks, and other home decors. They are the perfect choice in displaying things you like to be noticed. They give visual interest to any living area. Aside from the living area, they are also perfect for the kitchen area.

Cupboards are consuming most of the space in the kitchen that can still be used for other things. Floating shelves give solution to this by allowing you to display only your frequently used utensils and cooking equipment.

You can also have floating shelves installed in your bathroom. Unlike in the living room and kitchen, floating shelves in the bathroom need to be chosen carefully because there are lots of temperatures in the area that can weaken the shelves. Here are some tips on how to choose one for your bathroom:


  1. Chunky floating shelves are best to hold laundry baskets and towels.

Laundry baskets on the floor consume space in your bathroom, so why not maximize your wall and mount chunky floating shelves that could hold your laundry baskets? If you do not like the idea, you can still use them as storage for your fresh towels. This way, you can easily see your laundries from fresh ones. The size of the plywood is preferable ¼” in size and the boards can be 2×3 or bigger.


  1. Wood floating shelves are good for the bathroom but you must pick the kind of wood to be used.

Woods are sensitive to humidity and expand in places that are constantly getting wet like the bathroom. But with proper care, knowledge and right wood to be used, they are the perfect material for making floating shelves.

Pinewood is one of the most affordable woods in the market which is fine material for wood floating shelves. Since it is not considered as softwood it is not advisable for storing heavy objects. Therefore, it can only be used for light objects such as perfume, light towels, brushes, lotions, and other lightweight bathroom essentials.

Koa wood is considered to be the hardest wood commercially available in the market. Though it is ideal for bedroom and living room, it can also be good for the bathroom because it can last for a long time.

Butcher block is also commonly used kind of hardwood for countertops and floating shelves. Since it is laminated, it can resist humid and water splashes.


  1. The wood floating shelf should be coated with a sealant.

 To further protect the floating shelf from humidity and warping it should be coated with some kind of a sealant like boiled linseed oil, or a layer of tar paper before installing. This ensures an additional layer of protection and coverage from any humidity the bathroom has. Woods are perfectly fine in the bathroom as long as they are properly taken care of.


  1. Metal floating shelf creates a modern style bathroom

 Creating a modern style bathroom can be achieved by mounting metal floating shelves in your bathroom. They can instantly be contemporary aesthetics because they create a sleek appearance. Moreso, they can hold heavy bathroom materials such as cleaning supplies, extra towels, and more.

Like wood floating shelves, metal floating shelves also have some issues. Opt to stainless or chrome ones to avoid rust. Selecting the wrong metal can be a waste of money once rust appears.


  1. Don’t forget to check how many pounds the floating shelf can hold.

 Chunky floating shelves are good to hold heavy bathroom essentials, while small floating shelves are good to hold vanity bathroom essentials. When looking for one, make sure to check the description of the shelf and see how much stuff it can hold.


  1. Compare prices.

 A smart buyer compare prices of floating shelves. Prices vary so make sure to check the materials, versatility, pros, and cons of each shelf.


  1. DIY floating shelves for your own style.

 There are many tutorials online on how to create your own floating shelves. You can always create your own design according to your preference and need for space. Basically, you only need a few materials to create your own – plywood, boards, glue, screws, and paint. Easy said than done, you can hire a crafter to do the floating shelves for you but still has that D-I-Y vibes because the idea comes from you. You can always add a fancy touch or extra storage that you think will be helpful in your bathroom.



5 Tips to Remember When Buying a Wood Floating Shelf

If you will notice, more and more space saving furniture is being invented nowadays due to land prices are getting higher and higher each year. The tiny houses or studio type houses are in full motion that is why space saving ideas are emerging in the market. Crafters continue innovating ways how to maximize the use of a single wood, or single furniture. Clever space saving ideas include:

  • Understairs storage
  • Stairs drawers
  • Sofa bunk bed
  • Fold-down table
  • Window blinds fold as a rack
  • Wall bed and sofa
  • Floating shelves with storage


These clever ideas help people with limited spaces and those who want to update their place and make it more contemporary.

One of the clever space saving ideas is a wood floating shelf. Imagine the bulky cabinets and space-eating cupboards that your parents have in your old house and imagine having them today in your tiny house, overwhelming right? A wood floating shelf is perfect for tiny houses because they save space and gives this up-to-date vibes. It is also an on-the-spot home decoration lesser the price of true cabinets and cupboards.

A wood floating shelf can be utilized in the living room, kitchen and even in the bathroom. It is mostly seen in the living room where it holds home decorations such as vase, frames, books, clock, etc. There are varieties of wood floating shelf. Here are 5 tips to remember when buying one:


  1. Check its wood

When purchasing a wood floating shelf, you must determine first what kind of wood it was made of.

  • Plywood gives a smooth appearance and comparably inexpensive compared to other woods. It has a strong hold and is very ideal for living and dining room.
  • Pinewood is the most affordable marketed wood. It can be easily cut, form, and paint. But, this wood is not as sturdy as the other woods.
  • Mahogany is a very sturdy piece of wood. Once finished it creates elegant and classic floating shelves. Since it’s sturdy, it can hold heavy loads.
  • Red oak is among the popular type of woods used to make a floating shelf. It is also sturdy and very easy to work with.
  • White ash wood is also strong and hard.

Basically, hardwoods are the most used wood in making floating shelf because of their beauty, stability, and resistance to swelling, warping and shrinking.


  1. Check how many pounds it can hold

 The key in determining how much a wood floating shelf can hold is thru its brackets. Wood floating shelf with strong steel brackets can hold heavy stuff.

A wood floating shelf with strong bracket fastened securely, and made of quality hardwood can hold up to more or less 160 pounds.

Small wood floating shelf can only hold light objects like a vase, frames, and other decors.


  1. Check its functionality

 A wood floating shelf can be mounted in the living room, dining room, bedroom, dresser room, and even in the bathroom.

A wood floating shelf for living room can be just the right length and weight that can hold the things that matter to you like books, trophies, frames, etc.

Chunky wood floating shelf is perfect for the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom which usually have the bulk loads and heavy stuff.

A wood floating shelf can be functional for the bathroom as long as the wood used can withstand the humidity of the bathroom. As much as possible purchase one that is varnish with sealant, or made out of a hardwood. As mentioned earlier, hardwood is the best wood for making shelves because it does not shrink, nor warp.


  1. Go for different designs

 Do you think a wood floating shelf is limited to a straight piece design only? Absolutely, no. In fact, there are other different designs of wood floating shelf to choose from though they are not easy to find because some local furniture stores do not offer them. But if you want to be experimental and creative at the same time, you can opt out the single straight piece design of the usual wood floating shelf and find something different.

  • Triangular wood floating shelf is a great asymmetrical decor that is very catchy. You can use it to hold your succulent or tiny objects.
  • The floating corner shelf is a floating shelf that wraps around the corner itself. Who says a corner can’t be useful?
  • The rustic floating shelf is a complimentary shelf for your kitchen. You can use it to hang your wine glasses upside down while utilizing the space above.


  1. Know how and where to mount your wood floating shelf

 Before buying a wood floating shelf, you must know where to mount it or if it’s going to fit on your wall. Measure the wall where you want it to be installed so no time, effort and money will be wasted. And, make sure that the wood floating shelf will compliment the background or the whole theme of your house.

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